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[ Pre-order ] Under Bed Gun Safe - LADS001

Gun Safe Collections

World Class Build Quality

Keeping Your Valuables Secured

Biometric Fingerprint Access

Highest Quality

Sturdy & Heavy

Larger Capacity

Easy Installation

Safe & Secure

Let our customers speak for us

John S.

Exceptional Security and Easy Access - A Great Handgun Safe

I got this for my Dad for his birthday and he loves it! He face timed me a million times to show it to me. It's fast and easy to set up. It's a nice size so you can pretty much fit any hand gun of your choice. It's solid and sturdy. I like it so much I will be getting myself one as well.

Mary U.

Industrial quality steel

Gun safe is made of quality steel and is very heavy and sturdy. Programming my print and pin was easy. Comes with mounting hardware as well. I have a streamlight and RMR attached so I easily cut out a small portion of foam to accommodate. Looks like it was made to fit very snug and safe opens quick and smoothly. Would definitely recommend.

Joshua A.

Very easy to setup and use

I ordered another brand / less money a couple weeks ago. I couldn`t get it to work. Spent an hour trying to set the thing up. There was no web site, no phone number to contact someone who could help. Sent the darn thing back. Got this Langger model set it up with both numeric code and my thumb print in less than 10 minutes. Awesome safe and works like it should.

Sturdy gun safe

I like the quality of this safe. My fingerprint is temperamental, but the key code never fails. I wash my hands a lot because I have pets, so that may interfere with my fingerprint working. Just have to remember my code so I'm not locked out. Like the fact that it can be 6 numbers. More secure. Have not yet screwed it onto my nightstand. Hoping my nightstand is sturdy enough to hold it as it is heavy. Would buy again.

Easy to use

This is easy to program. The key pad is on the bottom, if you mount it to the floor and forget the program you will have a hard time if you did not program the finger print function. Make sure to program a couple finger prints before you mount it. The battery box is on the outside back.

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